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Skills Competitions & EuroSkills event

Together with our Members, we organise the biennial Euroskills event. EuroSkills is more than just a skills competition; it is a spectacular promotion of professions for young people, showcasing and inspiring world-class excellence in skills and introducing youth to a variety of careers across Europe.

Skills Competitions

Our main focus is to highlight the power of skills competitions as a promotional instrument for a skilled future, and to innovate vocational education programmes. To do so, we connect with European members, industry, governments, and educators to exchange information and best practices on industry and professional education.

New ideas and processes can inspire schoolchildren and teens to dedicate themselves to technical and technological careers, and towards a better future.

National skills events

In each member country, regional and national skills competitions are organised to promote the power of skills and to find the champions that will compete for their nation on the international stage. For more information about national skills events please visit: Member Organisations.

The EuroSkills event

EuroSkills is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in Europe.

Held every two years and organised by WorldSkills Europe together with Member Countries, EuroSkills brings together hundreds of young people from 31 countries across Europe to compete for the chance to become the Best in Europe in their chosen skill or profession.

There are usually competitions and demonstrations in 45-50 skills which are grouped into six industry sectors: Construction and Building Technology, Creative Arts and Fashion, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Service Industry, and Transportation and Logistics. 

EuroSkills competitors represent the best of their peers and are selected to compete at EuroSkills after taking part in national competitions held in WorldSkills Europe Member Countries. 

At EuroSkills, competitors must demonstrate technical abilities both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks for the skills they are studying and will perform in the future. 

EuroSkills takes place over a number of days, beginning with an Opening Ceremony, followed by three days of competitions, and concluding with a Closing Ceremony where awards including Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Best of Nation medals, and the prestigious Jos de Goey Best in Europe Award, are presented.

Visitors to EuroSkills Competitions have the opportunity to try hands-on job-related skills across a huge range of careers at the many ‘Try-a-Skill’ activities, and tens of thousands of school-aged young people who visit are encouraged to turn their passions into a profession.

The 7th EuroSkills event was hosted by Austria in the historic city of Graz. EuroSkills Graz 2021 took place from 22-26 September 2021.

The 8th EuroSkills event will take place in Russia, presenting EuroSkills St Petersburg 2023, which is scheduled for 16-20 August 2023.


For their participation in Europe’s biggest skills event, and in collaboration with Cedefop, all EuroSkills Champions will receive a Europass Mobility certificate to support their future careers.

Europass is an initiative which aims to help young people make their skills and qualifications recognised within Europe.

All EuroSkills events

No. Year Location
7 2020 Graz, Austria
6 2018 Budapest, Hungary
5 2016 Gothenburg, Sweden
4 2014 Lille, France
3 2012 Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
2 2010 Lisbon, Portugal
1 2008

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

All EuroSkills events

Please find a link to all EuroSkills results below, from EuroSkills Gothenburg 2016 and onwards.