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Hotel Receptioning

According to the World Tourism Organization, Europe is the World leading destination with 588 million arrivals in 2014.This represents 51.7% of all destination arrivals. Globalization, social and demographic changes and the evolution in transport are decisive factors in driving a rapid growth in the tourism industry and travel for business. Travel and tourism therefore plays an important role in social and economic growth throughout Europe.

Hotels of many types, sizes and ownership are an essential part in this industry, providing accommodation and associated services to guests from across the globe. They may be part of international hotel chains which market their services on consistency and familiarity for the frequent or regular guest. Alternatively they may promote distinct characteristics based on their locality, history, architecture and targeted clientele. Quality and price generally go together; for reserving accommodation, an international rating system of stars can provide a reasonable indication of what might be expected within the range of prices associated with a locality.

The role of Hotel Receptionist is key to every hotel establishment. At the hotel’s reception area guests receive their first impression of the hotel and therefore of their probable hotel experience. This is where the primary communication with the hotel staff is established. The quality, courtesy and promptness of service can make a great difference, positively or negatively, to the guest’s relationship with the hotel and their satisfaction during their stay. This in turn affects the hotel’s reputation and repeat business. The Hotel Receptionist works mainly in the hotel’s front office.

Hotel receptionists need to use a wide range of skills continuously. These may include knowledge of local and general tourism information, good verbal and written English, computer literacy, good manners and conduct and grooming, excellent communication and social skills, problem solving, competence with figures and cash handling, and the application of procedures for reservations, reception, guest services and check out. If the Hotel Receptionist possesses these skills and uses them well, the scope for promotion and mobility is great. This is a truly international and global occupation in an open and fluid part of the service sector.