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Chemical Laboratory Technician

The work of laboratory chemical analyst is the basis of the product quality in many industries. Chemical analysis is necessary to control the compliance of the properties of raw materials, intermediate stages of the technological process, and finished products with current standards.

The laboratory chemical analyst performs laboratory analyses, tests, measurements aimed at determining

  • the qualitative chemical composition of a substance
  • the quantitative ratio of chemical elements and compounds within them
  • processing of the obtained data
  • reporting results of analyses and
  • other types of laboratory work

According with the requirements of standards and specifications. The scope and complexity of the tests performed depend on the type of tasks set by the employer.

The role includes knowledge of the following objects of professional activity:

  • Natural and industrial materials;
  • Synthetic materials;
  • Equipment and instruments;
  • Regulatory and technical documents.

Laboratory chemical analysts should be ready to determine the optimal tools and methods for the analysis of various natural and synthetic materials, to perform qualitative and quantitative tests using modern chemical and physico-chemical analytical methods. They should be able to act logically and systematically, complying with sanitary and hygienic requirements and occupational safety and health standards.

Usually, laboratory chemical analysts work in the chemical laboratories of quality control departments, research and development departments, or in environmental departments in plants in various industries: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and the supply of construction materials, paint and varnish, polymers, defence and many others.