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The baker is a highly skilled professional, with high level of knowledge about food and nutrition, who produces a wide range of bread and pastry items.

The baker produces all varieties of fresh and tasty bakery products, made of any kind of grains. Different types of fermentation and other processes will be used to turn the raw material in to sweet or savoury products. For example, wheat bread, rye bread, artisan bread, enriched breads, laminated products, and ingredients to flavour their bakery products.

These items will appear in a large number of bakeries. Bakers may also produce elaborate displays of decorative breads using creative skills and knowledge. A high degree of specialist knowledge and skill is required. Bakers have undergone years of training in order for them to develop the level of skill required and a good understanding of sustainability. Bakers will be proficient in a wide range of specialist techniques and technology to develop and create a variety of bakery products. An artistic talent and artisan skills with the attention to detail are required, alongside the ability to work effectively and economically in order to achieve outstanding results within set timeframes.

Bakers must have knowledge about the functions, compatibility, and reactions of ingredients to create a new recipe.

Bakers must have a good understanding about reformulating recipes and adapting to a changing environment. The ability to work on their own initiative is essential. They will use a range of specialist equipment, technology, and materials in an environmentally friendly manner. The professional baker must take account of the quality of ingredients and the health and safety requirements of customers. They must respect those ingredients and work to high levels of food hygiene and safety.

Specialist bakers can develop careers, such as owning, managing, and working in all types of bakeries including high quality, family, and specialized shops. Careers in teaching and working with ingredients and machinery companies within the baking industry are also options.

It is often the case that specialist retail shops sell hand-made and decorated pastry products, artisan breads, and decorative dough’s, which are prepared using the skills of a specialist baker.