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ICT Specialists

ICT Specialists work in a small to large organisation, in public and private sectors, offering a wide range of IT services which are critical to the daily operations of business and institutions. Besides performing user support tasks, troubleshooting, design, installation, upgrading and configuration of operating systems and network devices, they offer advice and guidance on the development of systems and services. They have the responsibility of working professionally and interactively with users in order to meet their needs and ensure continuity of the systems and business operations.

ICT Specialists work in diverse environments including network operations centers, internet service providers, data centers and climate-controlled server rooms. They offer a wide range of services based on user support, troubleshooting, design, installation/upgrading and configuration of operating systems and network devices. ICT Specialists may at some stage in their careers specialise in user support, design, installation of operating systems or configuration of networking devices.

Attributes such as the capacity to self-organize, self-management, communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, a dedication to research and keeping up to date with industry developments and a consistently methodical and investigative approach are the universal attributes of the outstanding ICT Specialist. In a mobile labour market, the ICT Specialist may work in teams, or alone, or both from time to time. Whatever the structure of the work, the trained and experienced Specialist takes on a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy. With the fast globalisation of IT systems and the international mobility of people, ICT Specialists face rapidly expanding opportunities and challenges.

For the talented Specialist there are many commercial, public sector and international opportunities that require the need to understand and work with diverse cultures and keep up to date with fast changing industry developments and standards.