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Graphic Design Technology

Graphic Design Technology comprises many different skills and disciplines in the production of graphic design and output. The diversity of the skills required in the industry are very broad: it is common for people working in this field to be specialists in a particular aspect. As a result, a team may cover the Graphic Design Technology process, with each member of the team having their own strengths, specialities and roles.

Graphic Design Technology involves working with external and internal clients to create solutions to their needs; it may also include the printing or online publication production. People working in this industry often work closely with their clients and must be strong communicators so that they can achieve the clientÂ’s objectives successfully. They require strong interactive, research, design and technical skills. In order to have these they need to understand the target audience, markets, trends and cultural differences and what the client wants. They must be able to work in either formal or informal teams, or stand-alone.

After completing the research and planning stage, a project is interpreted to form a design in appropriate industry specific software. The design must be set up with the correct technical specifications for output or online publication. It is essential that practitioners understand all phases of the procedure including the constraints of the specified printing process. These skills also apply to re-designing or updating a design. There are various employment opportunities within the industry. This can include becoming a freelancer, business owner, or being employed by an advertising firm, a design firm, a printing company or a company with a design department.

Practitioners may have a broad role, or specialize as a graphic designer, graphic artist, prepress operator, typographer, typesetter, type designer, image manipulation specialist, illustrator, art director, production manager, digital printer, information designer, publisher or packaging specialist.