7 March 2018, WorldSkills Europe held its General Assembly, during the Competition Preparation Meetings in Budapest, Hungary. During the General Assembly, the hosting right to host EuroSkills 2022 has, by unanimous vote of all WorldSkills Europe members, gone to St. Peterburg.

GEORGY POLTAVCHENKO, Governor of St. Petersburg:

“We are ready to take full advantage of all our ideas, ideas and best practices during the preparation and holding of the European Championship of Professional Excellence in St. Petersburg. We will show our traditional Petersburg hospitality and we will be glad to welcome you and your teams in St. Petersburg. ”

ROBERT URAZOV, General Director of the Young Professionals Union:

“Of course, this is a victory. This is a tremendous opportunity for development, a smart tool that will help us improve vocational education. As with the fact that we will take all the practices that are in Europe, on the other hand, we will very well understand that in 2022 we must show all the best that we have. And we will work with double force.”

WorldSkills Europe General Assembly 2019

During the General Assembly the host for the 2019 General Assembly was also announced. This hosting right, also by unanimous WorldSkills Europe vote, has gone to Riga, Latvia.

DITA TRAIDAS, President WorldSkills Europe:

“The Chance of organizing the General Assembly is a great opportunity to acquaint the WorldSkills Europe family with yet another destination on the map of Europe’s Skills organisations. We are honored to gather WorldSkills Europe delegates and challenged to share the spectacular experiences of our traditional craftsmanship, innovation and technology, outstanding cuisine, architectural pearls and the vibrant atmosphere of highly liveable city of Riga – city, inspiring excellence of professional skills and the exchange of knowledge.”

Competition Preparation Meetings (CPM)

The CPM were held from 4-7 March. During these meetings all Jury Presidents, Chief- and Deputy Chief Experts and Workshop Managers for all involved Skills Competitions get a chance to work on their Test Projects, follow workshops on standards and assessments and get updated on the latest procedures on competition rules and documentation.