Skills Competitions & EuroSkills Event

WorldSkills Europe connects with European national skills competitions and organises together with its members the biennial Euroskills event. The EuroSkills event is more than just the European skills competition; it is a spectacular promotion of professions for young people, to showcase and inspire world-class excellence in skills and introduce youth to a variety of skilled careers around Europe.

Skills Competitions

WordSkills Europe main focus is to promote the power of skills competitions as a promotional instrument for a skilled future and to innovate vocational education program to the European needs of today. To do so, WorldSkills Europe connects with European members, industry, governments and educations on different levels to exchange information and best practices regarding industry and professional education.

New ideas and processes inspire school-aged youth to dedicate themselves to technical and technological careers and towards to a better future.

National Skills events

In each member country, regional and national skills competitions are organised to promote the power of skills and to select the national champions that will compete on the international stage of the WorldSkills Movement. For more information about national skills events please visit the member organisations.

The EuroSkills Event

EuroSkills is the European skills event for young people up to 25 years. It’s a spectacular promotion of the professions, held every two years in one of the WorldSkills Europe member states.

The heart of the event are the European skills competitions surrounded by activities such as ‘try a trade’ and inspiring information possibilities about a skilled career and future.

Hundreds of European greatest talents, selected through skills competitions in their own countries, compete during EuroSkills to become the best of Europe in their skill of expertise. It’s an incredible experience and an inspiration for all.

During the EuroSkills competition, the member states, international industry partners, governmental agencies and educational institutions come together to encourage world class standards of skills and competences in Europe. This partnership between students, governmental and private institutions and civil society organisations is unique within Europe.

All EuroSkills Events

No. Year Location Results
7 2020 Graz, Austria
6 2018 Budapest, Hungary Results 2018
5 2016 Gothenburg, Sweden Results 2016
4 2014 Lille, France
3 2012 Spa-Francourchamps, Belgium
2 2010 Lissbon, Portugal
1 2008 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Skills Competitions &
EuroSkills Event

Skills Competitions
The EuroSkills Event
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