WorldSkills Europe offers a European platform of excellence in skilled professions in a variety of area’s; political, cultural, economic, technological and scientific. A platform of constant innovation in vocational education and skills promotion on a European level, where governmental agencies, international industry partners, educational institutions and member organisations meet.


WorldSkills Europe is actively engaged in the promotion of skills excellence, skills development and VET promotion throughout Europe. In this process, WorldSkills Europe offers different possibilities to connect, contribute and become a Partner.

For more information about the possiblities, please have a look at our “Invest in Future & Talent” Brochure.

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Benefits of Partnership

By becoming a partner in the WorldSkills Europe movement your organisation gets:

  • The chance to be associated with excellence and the achievements of highly skilled young people.
  • The change to show your commitment to promote high quality vocational skills and training and work with young European people who are among the future workforce leaders.
  • Excellent networking opportunities with world-class experts and leaders.
  • Show the importance of training as a factor of competitiveness.
  • Meet Europe’s top of the class and highly qualified future emplyoees in a competitive environment.
  • Present and connect your organsation on a European platform of excellence in skilled professions to spectators in a variety of area’s (education, young people, WSE Members, European governments, etc.).
  • Meet European experts and exchange and improve knowledge about skills development on an educational, governmental, industrial and commercial level.
  • Being part of a European movement working on the promotion and development of the future of skills.
  • Connect and benefit on all levels with WorldSkills Europe’s network.
  • European visibility connected to the promotion of worldclass standards in skills.