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WorldSkills Europe is a nonprofit member association, which promotes excellence in the field of skills and competence development.

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WorldSkills Europe creates and develops Skills promotional activities on a European level, divided over different area’s.

EuroSkills 2020

In 2020, young people up to the age of 25 from all over Europe will meet in Graz, Austria to compete for the European title in vocational skills.

Discover the power of skills

WorldSkills Europe raises awareness for today’s need for skilled young professionals across Europe. The organisation promotes excellence in the field of skills and competence development by orchestrating the biennial EuroSkills event, a spectacular promotion of professions for young people.

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Champion profiles – Martins Kukojs

When he is not preparing for EuroSkills Budapest where he will lend his expertise in restaurant service to one of the competitors from the Latvian team, Martins Kukojs works as assistant manager of Vincents, one of the most highly regarded restaurants in Northern...

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Champion profiles – Barthélémy Deutsch

For 2013 world Belgian champion Barthélémy Deutsch, the competition in Leipzig had not even ended before he received job offers from not one, but two, Michelin 3-star restaurants. “For me, it was amazing to be able to choose between some of the best restaurants in my...

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Board of Directors Newsletters #2

The Board Meeting held during the Competition Preparation Meeting (CPM) for EuroSkills 2018 was mostly focused on the upcoming EuroSkills competition. The report given concerning preparation for EuroSkills 2018 confirmed 33 skills to be showcased at the event, two of...

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WorldSkills Europe General Assembly 2018

7 March 2018, WorldSkills Europe held its General Assembly, during the Competition Preparation Meetings in Budapest, Hungary. During the General Assembly, the hosting right to host EuroSkills 2022 has, by unanimous vote of all WorldSkills Europe members, gone to St....

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