With the preparations well underway, the Organizing Committee for EuroSkills 2018 currently has brought a few new members to the team. Here you can find a first introduction.

Team EuroSkills 2018: “We are committed to make Euroskills Budapest 2018 into an unforgettable experience for all participants. Our team is a combination of experienced individuals who participated in several Skills Competitions over the past few years and professional event management specialists who will be at you service during your journey to Budapest. See you in Budapest!”

Zsofia Csiszar:

I’m the project manager. I have 7 years of experience in Skills competitions as Technical Delegate. For EuroSkills Budapest 2018 I’m in charge of guiding the work of the organizing team to stage the best EuroSkills competition ever. In my little free time I’m chasing a toddler. 😊

Zsolt Szekeres

I’m the technical manager for Euroskills Budapest 2018. My duty is to ensure the whole infrastructure for the competition. Workshops, machines, equipment, materials and human resourcing to keep in hand the event. My hobby is woodworking and woodcarving. I like to be creative.

Agnes Utasi

I am a member of the technical team, as a procurement officer, I have am in charge of providing the necessary tools and materials for the competition while facilitating cooperation between sponsors, workshop managers and the technical manager. In my free time I like go to the nature, hiking, travel and I’m training regularly.

Dori Kele

I work as a PR consultant, I’m responsible for the PR activities of the company and the event too. I also work as a social media expert. I support all kind of communications in the company. I spend my free time with my two cats, and I really love travelling and exploring the world. In the rest of my time I read.

Anna Locsi

As the event coordinator of the EuroSkills Budapest 2018 team, I am responsible for organizing competition preparation and on-site events. Writing, editing and translating event information materials, uploading content to the competition’s  official website. Also in charge of international mobility participations in connection with EuroSkills Budapest 2018. I am a keen traveler and passionate about intercultural communication.

Tamas Sipos

I’m responsible for the sponsors. My primary job is to find supporters and develop business relationships. My hobby is playing the drums.

Mariann Eder

I am the financial manager of the EuroSkills Budapest 2018. I am responsible for the financial and accounting part of the project. My main task is to give financial and accounting support for the project and the colleagues. In my free time I like reading, cooking, baking and going to concerts.

Edina Drimba

As a hospitality officer I am in charge of accommodation, catering and transportation in connection with EuroSkills Budapest 2018. Also responsible for creating participation packages and maintaining the online registration system of the competition. In my free time I enjoy going to concerts and festivals.

Maria Minich

As a payroll and financial assistant my main responsibility is to support the work of the financial manager. I am responsible for the control of incoming invoices, billing, bank transfers, financial reports and HR tasks. I like spending my free time with my 2 teenage daughters. We enjoy hiking together and going to the movies. And I am the biggest cheerleader on my daughters’ basketball matches.

Klaudia Seress

I am the assistant of the project manager. My main task is to support her work. I am also responsible for administration, translate invoices and organize meetings. I spend my spare time at home reading a book or going to the cinema with my friends.