WorldSkills Europe offers the chance for policy makers from around Europe to meet fellow experts & global company representatives to debate key issues affecting vocational education and training and identify opportunities for future skills development. Benchmark your own training system – see what really works. And test and compare on this European platform that your education and training strategies meet de economic and business demands of a modern Skilled society.

As a member organisation, WorldSkills Europe is open to agencies and bodies which are responsible for promoting Vocational Education and Training in European Countries.

A WorldSkills Europe Member represents the VET sector of their country, supported by their government. With its membership, the Member gains the sole right to register for the competitions at a EuroSkills event. Only one organization can become a Member per country.

28 WorldSkills Europe Members

Country / website



Skills Austria
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63
OD: Mr Johannes Fraiss
TD: Mr Gerhard Zechner
WorldSkills Belgium
Square A. Masson 1/15
B-5000 Namur
OD: Mr Francis Hourant
TD: Ms Alina Fleaca
Agency for VET and Adult Education
Radnicka cesta 37b
10 000 Zagreb, HR
OD: Mr Nino Buic
TD: Mrs Vesna Andelic
Cyprus Productivity Centre
77, Kallipoleos Avenue
CY-2100 Nicosia
OD: Mr Dinos Kathijotis
TD: Mr George Horattas
Skills Denmark
Ny Kongensgade 15
DK-1472 Copenhagen
OD: Mr Jesper Juul Sørensen
TD: Mr Theis Fatum Carlsen
Ministry of Education and Research
Lootsa 4
11415 Tallinn
OD: Ms Helen Pöllo
TD: Mr Tanel Oppi
Skills Finland
Simonkatu 12 B 24
00100 Helsinki
OD: Ms Teija Ripattila
TD: Mr Tapio Kattainen
WorldSkills France
7, Rue d’Argout
75002 Paris
OD: Mr Kader Si-Tayeb
TD: Mr José Fonseca
WorldSkills Germany
Friedrichstrasse 8
D-70736 Fellbach
OD: Mr Hubert Romer
TD: Mr Hendrik Voss
Hungarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Szabadsag Ter 7
H-1054, Budapest
OD: Mr Balázs Fekete
TD: Ms Zsófia Csiszár
Stórhöfða 31
110 Reykjavík, Iceland
OD: Mr. Björn Ágúst Sigurjónsson
TD: Mr. Þór Pálsson
Via di Mezzo ai Piani 7
39100 Bolzane-Bozen
OD: Ms Jasmin Fischnaller
TD: Mr Mirko Cutri
State Education Development Agency
Valnu Iela 1
LV 1050 Riga
OD: Ms Dita Traidas
TD: Ms Inta Ane
Strategic development and international Cooperation
Turkestan 2, Astana
010000 Republic of Kazakhstan
OD: Mr. Nurgaly Arshabekov
TD: Ms. Riza Oryngali
Ministry of Education and Science
A. Volano g.2
LT-01516 Vilnius
OD: Mr Mecislavas Griskevicius
TD: Mr Vytautas Petkunas
CNFPC Esch-Sur-Altette
22, Rue Henri Koch
L-4004 Esch-Sur-Altette
OD: Mr Gil Belling
TD: Mr Jean-Claude Binsfield
Corradino Hill
PLA 9032 Paola
OD: Mr Stephen Vella
TD: Mr Alex Rizzo
Centre for Vocational Education and Training
Rimskitrg bb.
81000 Podgorica
OD: Mr Dusko Rajkovic
TD: Ms Sandra Brkanovic
The Netherlands
WorldSkills Netherlands
Limaweg 25
2743 CB Waddinxveen
OD: Mr Jos de Goey
TD: Mr Erik van der Zwan
WorldSkills Norway
Pbox 7072 Majorstuen
0306 Oslo, Norway
OD: Ms Gry Benedikte Sterner
TD: Ms Elisabeth Lange

Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus+
Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus+
Aleje Jerozolimskie 142A
02-305 Warszawa
TDA: Mrs Izabela Laskowska
WorldSkills Portugal
R. de Xabregas, 52
1949-003 Lisbon
OD: Mr Paulo Feliciano
TD: Mr Carlos Fonseca
Russian Federation
WorldSkills Russia
21, Kashirskoe Shosse
115446 Moscow
OD: Ms Ekaterina Loshkareva
TD: Ms Alina Doskanova
Bellova 54/a
SK-837 63 Bratislava
OD: Mr Michal Bartók
TD: Mr Martin Antalik
Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET
Kajuhova 32U
1000 Ljubliana
OD: Mr Elido Bandelj
TD: Mr Miha Lovsin
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
C/Los Madrazo, 15-17 – 3a planta
OD: Ms Rosalia Serrano
TD: Ms Soledad Iglesias
WorldSkills Sweden
Box 22007
SE-10422 Stockholm
OD: Mr Pim van Dorpel
TD: Patrik Svensson
Bahnhofstrasse 7B
CH-6210 Sursee
OD: Ms Christine Davatz
TD: Mr Rico Cioccarelli
WorldSkills UK c / o Find a Future
157-197 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9SP
OD: Mr Peter Lauener
TD: Mr Ben Blackledge

Associated members

An Associate Member has a membership of WorldSkills Europe with the main goal to contribute in the shared vision of promoting skills exellence throughout Europe. The Associate Member can represent a European sector or trade organization, a European knowledge institution or any other institution with a focus on VET and skills promotion and development in Europe.

Benefits of membership of WorldSkills Europe

WorldSkills Europe offers the chance to share ideas and best practices and provides lessons and inspiration for developing vocational skills and training systems. It also offers the chance to network and build contacts through the competitions, the event and meetings.

Other benefits of becoming a member are:

  • Part of an European platform and knowledge database on skills promotion and skills competitions
  • International network between experts from VET and industry on European level.
  • Improved structure of skills activities on a national level.
  • Increased quality of national skills competitions.
  • Instrument for developing national VET-system.
  • Active support and involvement in EU policies such as mobility, EQF etc.
  • The right to send a national team of competitors to the upcoming EuroSkills event.
  • Invitation for WorldSkills Europe meetings to represent their country.
  • Financial and political support from the European Commission.